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This is a very flexible and one-of-a-kind financial instrument providing a number of innovative capital options for a well-established or emergent business. This form of financing is much less expensive than equity or sub-debt and can be custom tailored to any business that qualifies. This can be used for just about any contract where a component of equipment is necessary to complete the contract. There is a provider (usually a smaller company) and an end user (investment grade). The term of the contract can be as short as 12 months, or as long as 10 years. This effectively allows a smaller company to now have the capital to fulfill or go after larger contracts by monetizing the contract they would have with a larger or investment grade company. This can accelerate contract revenues, provide working capital, obtain or refinance the equipment used to fulfill the contract. At the same time this could save money for the (end user) or investment grade company. This works with service agreements, warehouse agreements, distribution agreements, and federal contracts. Contracts could be existing or in the beginning stages of negotiation.  

Example: A small company was in talks with an investment grade company to secure a five year, $8,000,000 contract. The company was to provide and install phones along with an integrated PBX system to the investment grade company, which in this case was a large nationwide bank with over 3000 branches. The small company was nervous about being able to fulfill the contract due to a lack of capital.  The company had previously been turned down by two banks because of a decline in revenue in the past two years most likely due to the economic turndown. The end result was the small company was able to secure the contract with the bank and provide their service and product. Instead of getting payments every month from the bank the lender was able to monetize the contract and give the company 4 million dollars immediately in order to fulfill the contract.

Amount of loan: $4,000,000
Total time to close: 3 months


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