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Sale-Leaseback Financing..

Sale-leaseback financing is an excellent way to unlock the equity a business has in its assets (like machinery and equipment) and convert that equity into cash.  The asset is sold and then leased back to the business allowing the business to continue using the equipment and then own it again at the end of the term of the lease.  Big banks and local banks don't offer this type of financing and 95% of businesses don't even know this type of financing can be done.  With Sale-Leaseback Financing, our partner lenders can finance all credit types. 

Example:  A client owns a trucking company and had several back taxes that were due from two years ago. The back taxes owed totaled $75,000. Because the client owed these taxes, his credit had dropped, resulting in a credit score of a 550. He went to several banks to get a loan but each of them quickly declined him because of this credit score. The solution was sale-leaseback financing where the equity in his fleet of trucks was used to get the cash needed to pay off his taxes. His credit score was not even a concern.

Amount of loan: $75,000

Total time to close:  5 days


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There are many ways to obtain financing for a business, many of which most business owners don’t even know exist.  Our job is to find the money you’re looking for at the lowest cost possible to you and your business.

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